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Our Body’s' have an internal digestive clock connected with the earth's time of day. When Cleansing it is best to have juice/smoothie formulas in accordance with what is best for our digestive system depending on the time of day, thus NUDA's Body Clock Cleanse is created in an order which best suits our bodies’ needs from sunrise to sunset. During NUDA’s Body Clock Cleanse you will aid your body through it’s natural healing process, a guilt-free indulgent experience without feeling deprived!*

why cleanse?

Our bodies become toxin laden and nutrient/enzyme deficient due to improper eating habits, toxic environmental conditions and unhealthful living practices. Toxic systems cause symptoms, discomfort, pain, illness and in the worst cases dis-ease. Cellular deficiencies create a cellular

thirst that needs quenching.
NUDA’s Body Clock Cleanse allows your digestive system to take a
much needed & well-deserved break while quenching that cellular
thirst, removing the toxic buildup & replenishing your cells with live-organic-enzymes, nutrients & antioxidants in abundance!

By allowing your digestive system
to take a break you are giving your body the opportunity to work on other tasks that are often put-off due to constant digestive duties, because most of us tend to eat 3-5 or MORE times a day. These typical eating habits do not allow our bodies to achieve much else, as the digestive system requires an immense amount of energy, there- fore partaking in NUDA’s Body
Clock Cleanse you are allowing your body the time to check off items on it’s very important list of “things
to do”, some if not most items have been on that list for years!

The body responds slower to diet and lifestyle change, where cleansing speeds up the process!*


Natural unadulterated whole foods will taste good again! We are the cosmos, flood yourself with nature's nourishment!*

when should i cleanse?

One sure fire way to know it is time for you to cleanse is by taking a look at your tongue! The tongue is not regularly an elimination organ, thus when it is furred or white

upon waking, this is your sign cleansing your internal organs is a must!

Another is if you have any
symptoms at all! Common symptoms we are taught to live with, body odor we mask with cancer causing de-ODOR-ants, bad breath, blemishes, mucus, gas., etc... All of which have these quick easy fixes we have become so accustomed to masking ...we are actually ignoring our bodies internal signs coming forth (with products such as, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, makeup, tums, gassex)

Other great reasons, feeling a
little blah, lacking energy, feeling a cold coming on, or needing to recover from a cold, on your day of rest (weekly), seasonal changes, on the new moon. You name it, any
time is a great time to Look & Feel your BEST!*

what are the benefits of cleansing?

possible cleansing benefits may include:
-regain your natural glow!* -weight loss (or stabilize weight)* -full body purification*

-clear up skin*
-reverse the aging process* -lower blood cholesterol* -reverse type diabetes* -increases energy levels* -quit addictions*
-better digestion*
-clear constipation* -enhances immune system* -feel energized*
-clarity of mind*
-feel lighter
-sleep deeper*
-plus sooo much more!!!*

how do i prepare for a cleanse?

before a cleanse is begun one might want to remove Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, Animal
Products, Refined Sugars, Processed Foods, & Wheat to help the body through it's process of elimination, which may help lessen detox symptoms. One might want
to consider water enemas before, during and after the juice/ smoothie cleanse as this practice also may help eliminate toxins quickly and help lessen detox symptoms.... OR Let NUDA guide you with the ultimate body clock cleanse package!*

during a cleanse?

Upon waking Hydrate with the Holy Water. Our bodies use several quarts of water during sleep, and
it is highly important to hydrate with clean naturally alkaline water upon waking. Then we move on to sweet juicy fruits as our brains

run on glucose and these juice/smoothie combinations take the least time to digest, thus our brains & bodies’ are being powered by nature’s natural cosmic energy. On to the greens as these take longer to digest and begin a calm- ing, relaxing, grounding vibe in
our bodies preparing for rest. Now for our desert, the healthy fats, the ultimate decadent relaxation. Lastly our soothing digestive tea.

Ideally one would consume all beverages in the course of 1 day. One could abstain from eating while on juice/smoothie therapy (for the best cleansing results) or one may just add the juice/ smoothie into their daily consumption regimen fortifying their diet. Ideally one should finish consumption of all
beverages around 6-7pm, fully allowing everything to digest prior to sleep. Sleep and digestion should not be mixed, and our digestive tracks begins to shut down as the sun begins to set, so it is best not to consume anything after dark, other than the

digestive tea.*


Other Instructions: please wait at least 30mins to 1 hour in between juices/smoothies prior to consum- ing your next juice/smoothie or even water. Different combinations take different amounts of time to digest. We do not want to encum- ber our digestive system during a cleanse, as the whole point of a cleanse is to give the digestive system a break. Drinking water to close in time to consuming a juice/smoothie dilutes the diges- tive juices which may also encum- ber the digestive system. Please remember to chew your juice/smoothie as if it were solid food. It is very important to not skip the 1st step of digestion, which is mastication, coating each molecule with saliva before swal- lowing.*

ease detox symptoms

-Oil pulling*
-Dry skin brushing*
-Epsom salt baths* -Steam/sauna*
-Walking with arms swinging* -Gentle yoga*
-Colon hydrotherapy* -Ennemas*
-Grounding barefoo*t -Meditation*
-Breathe work*
-Ear whicking*


breaking a cleanse is just as im- portant as preparing for one! It is best to add in solid foods slowly, smoothies and soups may be best for the 1st couple of days depend- ing on how long of a cleanse you had just partaken in, followed by clean, low-sodium, plant-based, whole-food eating. It is generally beneficial not to revert back to old habits, but if one must, it is best to add them back in slowly one by one... OR Let NUDA guide you with the ultimate body clock cleanse package, which prepares your for a juice cleanse & helps you ween off a juice cleanse.*


restriction without punishment

A plant-based diet effortlessly restricts calories fat & protein, by its natural consumption without requiring hunger. Switching from meat, dairy & processed based
diets to starch, fruits & vegetables will cause you to consume 400 to 800 fewer calories a day without consciously restricting the amount of food you eat.

Plant based foods have fewer calories and are more satisfying to the appetite. The Stomach has 2 full receptors volume & nutrition, the goal is to get the most volume & nutrition per calorie, these are whole plant based non processed foods!*

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