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NUDA is a SoCal founded holistic lifestyle brand, dedicated to providing 100% organic, plant-based, health concious products & services.

NUDA San Pedro

NUDA is open! 8A to 8P Daily

We are open and will remain so until further notice.

Please call in orders ahead, pay over the phone, and receive curb side pick up. 

Delivery via GrubHub (with the ability to select contactless delivery)

We can’t thank you enough for your business!


Bulk Juice & Smoothie Delivery

Bulk superfood smoothie & juice for delivery 🚚 (no contact) or pick up 🚗 (curb side) Please consider supporting us in these tough times by boosting your immunity via 100% organic, raw, plant based, products free of gluten/soy/refined-sugar/preservatives/additives.

Everything made from scratch (nothing from a box or can) Always fresh & never frozen!

Check out our bulk menu posted on

Delivery to LA & OC available.

Please email your order. Please provide your delivery address (with any special instructions), as well as a cell phone for the delivery driver. As well as days & times that will work for the delivery. We will accept payment via Venmo, PayPal, or credit card over the phone.

We can’t thank you enough for your business!

Plant Cuisine Weekly Delivery

Need a little help? I got you!!! With all the hysteria surrounding #coronavirus it’s so important to be prepared via prevention! If we have strong enough immunity we won’t become ill.  Illness & disease begin in the gut. So eat foods that brush and flush the intestinal tract, not brown foods that get stuck, ferment & putrefy. We choose how vibrant, healthy and vital our bodies are. Every bite is a choice, thus our immunity is our choice. Choose health, choose life, choose happiness ❤️💚💛💙🌈 Ask about our weekly meal box 📦 complete with plant based juice, smoothies, meals & snacks. All loaded with immunity boosting superfoods! 

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